Women Veteran’s Updates


Federal Benefits Guide


Women Veteran Organizations:

www.womenmarines.org – Women Marines

www.armywomen.org – Women’s Army Corps Veterans’ Association

corp e-anca.org – Army Nurse Corp Association

https://www.facebook.com/Women-In-The-Air-Force-Association-405626066230069/ – Women in the Air Force Association

www.wovenwomenvets.org – Women Veterans Network

wosl.org – Women Overseas Service League 

Center for Women Veterans


In Case You Missed It:  The Center for Women Veterans is sharing recent news stories that may be of interest to women Veterans, military women, and their supporters on a weekly basis.  Share your thoughts about them on social media @VAWomenVets

24/7 Emergency Numbers – Click on below links.

Women Veterans Call Center


  • 1-855-VA-WOMEN / 1-855-829-6636
    Hours of Operation:
    Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-10:00 PM, EST
    Saturday 8:00 AM-6:30 PM, EST


Do We Know What All These Abbreviations Mean? Take a Look!


ADVS-  Arizona Department of Veterans Services
AML-  American Legion
AMVETS – American Veterans



CBOC VA – Community Based Outreach Clinics (Medical Clinics)


DAV – Disabled American Veterans
DHHS – Department of Health and Human Services
DOL – Department of Labor
DOA – Department of Administration


EXPOW – Ex-Prisoners of War



GSW – Gold Star Wives (Wives of Deceased Veterans)


HUD – Housing and Urban Development
HUD-VASH  – Housing Vouchers for Rent



JWV – Jewish War Veterans




MFRF – Arizona Military Family Relief Fund
MOPH – Military Order of Purple Heart
MCL – Marine Corps League
MOAA – Military Officers Assoc. of America
MST – Military Sexual Trauma – Sexual assault or repeated, threatening sexual harassment that occurred while the Veteran was in the military. It includes any sexual activity where someone is involved against her or his will.


NABV – National Assoc. of Black Veterans
NVOA – National Veteran Organization Association
NCOA – National Assoc. of Non Commissioned Officers
NSO – National Service Offices


OEF – Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)
OIF – Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq)


PAV –  Paralyzed American Veterans
PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Is an anxiety disorder that can occur after experiencing a traumatic event.




SSVF – Supportive Service for Veterans Families


TAP – Transition Assistance Program
TDIU – Totally disabled
TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury  – Occurs when a sudden trauma, such as a blow or jolt to the head, causes damage to the brain.


USA – United States Army
USMC – United States Marine Corps
USN – United States Navy
USAF – United States Air Force
USCG – United States Coast Guard
USNG – United States National Guard
USANG – United States Army National Guard
ANG – United States Air National Guard


VFW  – Veterans of Foreign Wars
VA  – Veterans Affairs
VHA – Veterans Health Administration
VAMC – Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
VVA – Vietnam Veterans Association
VSO’s – Veteran Service Organizations
VMLC – Veteran Medical Leadership Council
VR&E – Vocational Rehabilitation and Education
VISN – Veteran Integrated Service Network (VA separates the US into 22 VISN’s)


WMA – Women Marine Association
WAC – Women’s Army Corps
WWI – World War I
WWII – World War II