VA OIG Fraud Alerts

The VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigates a wide range of potential crimes—from financial crimes to threats against VA personnel and property to actions associated with patient harm. See below for the VA OIG’s latest alerts for fraud and other crimes. 

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Recent Alert: VA Education Benefits Fraud

This alert covers VA-approved schools that may be billing veterans (whose enrollment is funded by VA) a higher tuition rate than civilian students for the same courses.

VA-approved schools that engage in education benefits fraud often

  • advertise a lower tuition rate than they are billing VA for veteran student enrollments;
  • offer discounts, tuition waivers, or scholarships exclusively to civilian students; or
  • bill at least 20 percent more than non-VA-approved schools with similar course offerings.

Check out the VA OIG fraud toolkit for this alert and information on other indicators of fraud schemes.