Center for Women Vets Book Corner, December, Dr. Antoinette Allen

Bras, Bootstraps, and the Bible: Stories of Resilience

Each month, VA’s Center for Women Veterans profiles a different woman Veteran author as part of its Women Veteran Authors Book Corner. This month’s author is Air Force and Air National Guard Veteran, Dr. Antoinette Allen, who served from 1993-1997 on Active Duty and 1997-2014 in the Air National Guard.

Allen wrote “Bras, Bootstraps, and the Bible: Stories of Resilience,” which is focused on sharing how to grow your resilience. Allen writes from the perspective as a woman of color, noting how stereotypes and trials shaped her ability to overcome adversity from childhood to adulthood. The book highlights the need for corporate, intentional and spiritual resilience as a means of being courageous. This is also woven into her military experience as a means to persuade leaders to consider becoming healers in a world that often celebrates warriors.

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