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Preventing homelessness and stabilizing lives by providing advocacy, programs, services, and referrals for all Veterans, with special emphasis on Senior, Disabled, and Women Veterans, including their families.

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3 Nov

The Women’s Memorial is a One-of-a-Kind Tribute to America’s Servicewomen, Past and Present.

Preserving Your Service, Your Story and Your Legacy. “History is ... more

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If you know a Veteran who needs help, is struggling, or homeless, please contact us. Together, we can change lives! Call 602-314-4250.
The Veterans Reflection in Surprise honors Sgt. Brian Mancini, a combat medic and severely wounded veteran who spent his life serving his country and helping other wounded veterans find healing through founding The Honor House. Brian created a camaraderie of Veterans healing together. Sgt. Brian Mancini’s legacy will never be forgotten. Honor House merged under Veterans First creating a living legacy of Brian's dedication to helping Veterans. The enhancement of our male veteran program and services is a true reflection of his legacy and accomplishments. Brian Mancini Sgt. USA lived an amazing life serving his country and dedicating his life to those who accepted our Nations highest responsibility (Military Service) Brian you are never forgotten and are always in our hearts and mind. January 18, 1979 – February 2, 2017.

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