Inspirational Writings




I was a soldier, a fighter tried and true.
You do not remember me, but I went there for you.
I had my share of combat; I saw the blood and gore.
But somehow I am forgotten when they talk about the war.

I was just a frightened kid, fresh out of school,
When I volunteered to go, my friends called me a fool.
I believed in my country and all it stood for;
I believed I would be remembered when they told about the war.

But everything seemed different when I got to the war zone.
The men had their buddies, but I felt all alone.
I was true to my country, and all that it stood for,
I was true to my country, faithful to the core.
But I began to feel excluded when I came home from the war.

I was erased from your memory but the cruelest of ploys.
You do not recognize me ’cause I am not one of the boys.
I am the woman who saved you were at death’s door.
But God! Do not forget me when you tell about the war.

They say that we were not real soldiers, even though our blood was spilled.
They forgot about our wounded, they forgot about our killed.
Some say that we just partied there and enjoyed our grisly chore.
I resent those lies about me when they tell about the war.

Women have war stories we desperately need to tell.
They are not very pretty and they are painful as hell;
Now reduced to cold statistics of long-forgotten wars.

From the days of the Revolution and the bloody Civil War,
In the world-wide confrontations, the uniform I wore.
In the battles of Korea and the jungles of Viet Nam,
Do not tell me now I was not there; I know who I am.

I am a woman and a veteran and I say it with pride;
I gave the very best I had, there is nothing I need to hide.
I have the right to know that the burden I bore
Will always be remembered when they tell about the war.

Author Unknown