Services and Programs

We educate Veterans on resources that provide information relating to their specific need or issue.  This education enables, empowers, and encourages our Veterans to work towards stabilizing their lives. 

We collaborate, gather facts, and bring issues and challenges that our Women Veterans face to the forefront for discussion and solutions.

We are dedicated to meeting the unique and challenging needs of our Women Veterans through our programs, services and collaborating network. 

Veterans First Programs…


Senior and Disabled Veterans 

  • Deliver Food, Hygiene, and Essentials for Personal, Home Needs,  Ensure home is safe. 
  • Includes all services within our Hand Up Program. 

 Hand-Up Program – Assist with the following:  

  • Rent/Utilities 
  • Emergency Housing (Hotel Nights)  
  • Daily Bus Passes  
  • Gift Cards (Food, Gas)  
  • Food, Hygiene, Cleaning Supplies, and other essentials for personal   and home needs. 
  • Provide wrap around services. 

Homeless Outreach Program  

  • We partner with two organizations that provide street outreach for the  homeless.  

Supply Backpacks, Hygiene Items, Water, Blankets, T ’Shirts,  Underwear, Sleeping Bags, Plastic Sleeping Mats, Socks, and  Hats. 

Engage Homeless Veterans with VA and Community Homeless  Programs. 

Children and Families 

  • We partner with Tucson Fisher House, Family Promise, UMOM  Family Shelter, Sunshine Residential Children’s Homes, Roosevelt  Neighborhood Women’s Club, West Valley Community Food Bank. 

Provide Linens, Hygiene, Household Supplies, Clothes – Toys, Books, Crafts, Games, School Supplies, and other necessities.


  • Veteran Advocacy: Listening, inspiring, empowering, building trust, and effective communication to assist in resolving issues that Veterans and families encounter.  
  • Hand-Up: Assisting with rent, utilities, bus passes, food, and essentials. Must meet requirements.  
  • Emergency Housing: Providing assistance with motel stays to keep veterans/families off the  streets and those suffering from domestic violence safe.  
  • Spiritual Support for all Denominations: Provide information and referrals.  
  • Resources: Providing qualified resources and referrals to meet the needs of Veterans. 
  • Veteran Outreach: Locating Veterans their families and Widows that are struggling.
  • Women, Disabled and Senior Veteran Outreach: ensuring they are safe and have what they need.
  • Maternity Outreach for Veteran Families (MOVF): Collaborating with AZ Veterans Hall of Fame  Society, Phoenix and Prescott VA Maternity Programs and Social Workers to provide a tote of  necessary supplies for newborn and a care package for Mom. 
  • Homeless Veteran Outreach: Collaborate with two Homeless Outreach Organizations to find veterans   that are homeless that will accept assistance. Engage them with the VA and assist in providing the   organizations with supplies that the homeless need and deserve.  
  • Supporting the Needs of Women Shelters, Veteran Care Centers, Family Shelters, providing  clothing hygiene, personal necessities and kids games.  
  • Program Events: Muster and Mingle for Women Veterans, Heal-Her-Art for Women Veterans, Rest and Recreation for Male Veterans. These monthly and bi-monthly events are  social gatherings that provide activities, camaraderie and refreshments. Wrap around services are  provided as needed.  
  • Instruments for Success: Promotes healing through music, that helps express ourselves and  creates social bonds while calming the mind and soul. Offers regular guitar lessons and provides  musical instruments to Veterans and their families.  
  • Annual Events Providing: Easter Baskets for Veteran Children; Back-to-School Backpacks  for Veterans Children, Beauty Bash for Women Veterans, Thanksgiving Food Boxes,  Christmas Gifts for Veteran Children and Family and grocery gift cards for Christmas Dinner. 
  • Support Community Veteran Events: Arizona Veterans Stand Down and Stand Up Events;  Women Veterans Expo’s; Veteran Organizations and Community Events benefiting Veterans.  
  • Build Collaborations, Establish New Programs, Services, and Events that assist and honor   Veterans and their families while meeting their unique and challenging needs.  
  • Raising Awareness of Veterans: Speaking at various community events and organization, associations,  groups and company business meetings to assist the community in understanding the issues the  Veterans and their families face.