We educate Veterans, specifically Women Veterans, on resources that provide information on VA Benefits, Healthcare, Education, Jobs, and Community Resources.  This education enables, empowers, and encourages our Women Veterans to enhance their lives while we stand by their side through this complicated process.

We collaborate, gather facts, and bring issues and challenges that our Women Veterans face to the forefront for discussion and solutions.

We are dedicated to meeting the unique and challenging needs of our Women Veterans through our programs, services and collaborating network. We assist single Women Veterans and single Women Veterans with Children.

Referenced Below are the List of Programs VFL Supports

Mary Ellen’s Place, Phoenix, AZ:

Affordable Housing for Single Women Veterans with supportive services and programs that prevent homelessness and stabilize lives.


Provide support and walk side by side with them through their journey to stability which includes, but not limited to Veterans Affairs – benefits-entitlements –physical & mental healthcare issues, legal and financial issues, employment, education, equality and housing.

Spiritual Support for all Denominations:

Raising Awareness of Women Veteran Issues:

Accomplished through speaking engagements across the state on issues that affect our Veteran and Military Women . 54,000+ Women Veterans in AZ and 2.2 million Nationally.

Hand Up Program:

Many of our Women Veterans have encountered unfortunate circumstances through no fault of there own for many and need a hand up. The program provide financial and in-kind assistance with rent, utilities, food, bus passes, vehicles, gift cards, computers, education, household, personal items and children’s needs. This programs focuses on assisting struggling Women Veterans across Arizona. (Providing a Hand Up not a Hand Out)

Emergency Housing:

We assist single Veterans and Veteran families with hotel stays to prevent them from being on the streets and/or in unsafe situations until they can get services that provide shelter or housing. Without this service they would be sleeping in their vehicles,
on the streets with children or a place that was unsafe for them and their children.

Outreach Program: “Building a Bridge to Trust”:

Locating our struggling Women Veterans in the communities in which they live throughout Arizona, building trust and giving them hope for the future.

Education “Building a Bridge to Achievement”:

Clemente Course in the Humanities provides free, accredited college courses in the humanities to those marginalized by economic hardship and adverse circumstances. The Clemente Course provides a rigorous education in Literature, Philosophy, American History, Art History, and Critical Thinking and Writing. The experience of Clemente students around the world has demonstrated that through the dialectics of learning, in a caring and respectful classroom, participants develop crucial tools to set in motion personal and societal change, and are empowered to participate more fully in civic life. They can earn 6 credit hours in Humanities. First class graduated June 2016. Next class starts January 2017.

Employment “Building a Bridge to Success”:

This program is focused on what our Women Veterans want as a career not just a job. Goal is to empower women veterans to achieve long term stability through attainment of a career, employability skills, access to community resources, employers, educators, and the confidence to persevere in the attainment of their goals. This program consists of career navigation to develop a career and/or educational path through assessments, case management, workshops, intensive career counseling, internships and placement services.

Youth for Veterans, Military and their Families.
Providing financial and in-kind assistance for medical, dental, education, diapers, cloths, shoes, school supplies, furniture, books, toys for children. Care packages for our Troops.

Veterans being Released from Prison:

Though our network of supporters we provide in-kind donations such as clothing, shoes, hygiene items to Federal and State Prison Outreach Coordinators and Organizations that assist Veterans with jobs, housing, programs and services when getting out of prison.

Male Veterans, Military and Veteran Families and Caregivers:

We provide resources and referrals, in-kind donations, emergency housing (hotel rooms) and make sure they get to an organization or agency that can take care of their specific needs.


  • NATN, Seeds Program Domestic Violence
  • Sister Jose Women’s Center, Tucson, AZ
    • Assist Homeless Women. VFL will have an office to assist the Women Veterans that come into the Center upon opening February 17, 2017.
  • Serving Our Sisters VA Program
    • VFL is the Community Partner for this program. It assists Women Veterans in navigating through the Phoenix VA Hospital.

Collaborating Network – Community Partners:

We have created a vast network of Veteran/Community organizations, Veterans Administration, State Veterans Services and other government agencies, companies, groups, associations, individuals, that assist us in our mission and meeting the needs of all
Veterans their families and caregivers. We continue to build our resource data base to ensure we have up to date information to assist our veterans and their families. Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs, Domestic Abuse Programs, Post-Traumatic Stress
Programs, Traumatic Brain Injury Programs, Military Sexual Trauma Programs, VA Benefit Counselors, VA Medical Center Women’s Program, VA Homeless Services, Veterans Court/ Justice System, Vets Centers Local, State and Federal Agencies.

Programs and Services Development:

We are dedicated to meeting the unique and challenging needs of Women Veterans through our programs, services and collaborating network. Veterans First will continue the journey of developing and establishing programs that meet the unique and challenging needs of our Women Veterans.

With your support, together we can make a difference in the lives of our Women Veterans. Preventing Homelessness and Stabilizing their Lives.

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